ON • Vodafone

Customer magazine • Print • Published by Vodafone
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ON • Vodafone

Not just another youth magazine, but THAT youth magazine.
An original editorial concept that was able to challenge many of the rules of glossy magazines and to push forward the limits of youth-oriented media – an eclectic, fast-paced lifestyle magazine that took in consideration the target group’s prime interests, cultural aspirations and relevant media frustrations, a magazine that didn’t let the reader get bored. Assorted with matching graphics, images and illustrations, for an equally strong visual presence.

For a long period, the magazine was published in over 100.000 copies per edition, and it was distributed through the Vodafone network.

A number of highly competent professionals were engaged in this project. See craciun.info for more details about the product or about the role and the names of those engaged in the project.

>> A few images of covers and pages from ON magazine, in no particular order.