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Smart, modern, urban, and good looking – a magazine for men, imported from Italy. The celebrated Italian magazine found a new home in Romania, with the same approach of interesting subjects, carefully written articles, and great images, with a small and welcomed dose of skin here and there.

The Romanian edition had a different look and a different structure from the Italian version, completely redesigned by a team led by Andrei Craciun as Creative Director, and Daniel Nanboe as the art director for this product (an excellent designer, by the way). Some of the articles were translated/adapted, but most of the content was locally made.

A large number of highly professional people were engaged in this project, the core team being particularly good. We still work with some of them, but we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of them for their creative, management, or sales skills. See for more details on this particular product and the role and the names of those engaged in the project.

>> A few images of covers and pages from Max, in no particular order.