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A car magazine, but definitely not an ordinary car magazine.
A magazine made for car enthusiasts, focused on automobiles meaning a little bit more than just transportation, emphasizing the people, the ideas and the spirit around those cars. Not to mention the enjoyment of driving them.

Supercar’s publishers and team of car aficionados chose to embrace good graphic design, high-quality printing and paper, reliable journalism, large artistic photography, and complex illustration at a time when most Romanian magazines (automotive or not) were, let’s say, more focused on other things.
The result was a magazine that immediately stood out, one close to our heart for many reasons: a very special product, a great team around it, and our first publishing project.

Andrei Craciun came up with the editorial concept and worked closely with the Art Director – Iulian Puiu (an excellent designer, by the way) – on the initial graphic concept. Then he managed the day to day editorial and design duties as Creative Director for 75 issues. Alice Craciun managed the executive side of the project for many years. Other people from the original Supercar team of journalists and desktop publishers are still among our close collaborators.

A large number of highly professional people were engaged in this project, the core team being particularly good. We still work with some of them, but we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of them for their creative, management, or sales skills. Contact us for more details on this particular product and the roles and the names of those engaged in the project.

>> A few images of Supercar covers and layouts (initial design and subsequent evolutions), in no particular order.