Hai • Skoda Magazin

Customer magazine • Digital • Published by Skoda, Porsche Romania
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Hai • Skoda Magazin

Hai (meaning “Come on”) is a digital magazine made for Skoda.
This online magazine is one of the first to reach the Romanian readers. It’s joyful and dynamic and interactive, focusing on Skoda cars, history, motorsport, but leaving space for lifestyle articles – travel, gadgets, and other family-related features, including a puzzle game able to challenge the kids.

The magazine was published every three months on Skoda’s Romanian website. It was announced to the customers using a dedicated newsletter.

A number of highly competent professionals were engaged in this project. See craciun.info for more details about the product or about the role and the names of those engaged in the project.

>> A few screenshots and images of Hai – Skoda Magazin covers, pages and popups, in no particular order.