ONline • Vodafone

Customer magazine • Digital • Published by Vodafone Romania
ONline Vodafone digital

ONline • Vodafone

It was the digital edition of ON, the customer magazine of Vodafone Romania.
At the beginning of 2010, the decision was made to switch entirely from print to digital, ON becoming ONline. It was published monthly or in close connection with new products or advertising campaigns.

ONline was an urban lifestyle magazine, focused mainly on telecommunication and gadgets. Third-party products and services, software, trends, events and statistics are featured alongside Vodafone’s own services and products in a concentrated, dynamic and colorful magazine, modern and rich in subjects for those wanting to keep up with technology.

The information was presented in a very dynamic way, with flipping pages, multilevel information, popups, animated graphics and videos. Interactive elements, quizzes and competitions were also present – the scope was to engage the younger part of the audience and to elaborate on the thematics of Vodafone’s main communication/advertising campaigns in Romania.

A number of highly competent professionals were engaged in this project. See for more details about the product or about the role and the names of those engaged in the project.

>> A few screenshots and images featuring covers, pages and popups from different editions of ONline Vodafone, in no particular order.